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Meet Lucky Brides

Welcome to Lucky Brides, the premier bridal boutique in Los Angeles. Our passion is helping brides find their perfect dress. We offer a wide selection of designer gowns and accessories, and our experienced consultants provide personalized attention to every bride. We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and we are honored to be a part of it. Let us help you make your dreams come true.


Our Boutique

At Lucky Brides, we believe that every bride deserves a special and unforgettable experience when shopping for her wedding dress. Our boutique is designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere for our brides and their guests. Our collection of dresses is carefully curated to offer a range of styles to suit every bride's taste. We also offer accessories and custom alterations to ensure that every detail is perfect. Come visit us and let us help you find the dress of your dreams.

About Lucky Brides


Hello everyone my name is Angel Bonilla and I welcome you all to Lucky Brides Bridal Boutique.

I honestly didn’t see this crossover into bridal fashion and entrepreneurship. To those who are wondering why suddenly, I was venturing into a totally new space that seems to be too foreign for a singer like me.


Just to give everyone a brief background and to shed clarity to some of your questions, I actuallyused to be a bridal stylist while I am pursuing my dream of becoming a world-renowned singer.


Back in the days, I have always lent my helping hands to happy brides in their journey to finding and saying yes to the perfect bridal dress. Little did I know that I would be crossing and reliving this path years after, and actually becoming a CEO of my own company. 

It has been my life-long dream to become an entrepreneur and it has been a secret that I used to share with my late brother. Right now, I am feeling mixed emotions, due to the fact, that my brother is no longer here physically with us.

But I know that he has been guiding me into this path. Several months ago during a very difficult time for my whole family while preparing for my brother’s memorial, I just had this urge to visit his favorite bakery shop to go get his favorite cake, and when I was about to head out, I saw a big flashing sign “Lucky Wedding Day”, in that painful and fleeting moment I knew that my brother was giving me signs to go after this secret dream of mine. Thus, naming my brand after his name - Lucky. This brand’s inspiration is for my brother’s name to be immortalized in the happiest and bestest day ever of all of my future lucky brides.

I never knew that pain could also refuel and unearth this second dream of mine that has for the longest time taken a backseat. I knew in my heart that my brother has guided me to re-channel mypent-up emotions and refocus my energy and grief into a passion venture while addressing the industry’s need for a more cost-efficient next-to-best, if not the best, bridal shopping experience to all of my future lucky brides. Honestly, every step closer to this dream just felt too naturally easy since that day and it all felt super fast. 

image_6487327 (1).JPG

As my family and I cope and move forward with this immense loss that we have, Lucky Brides will be my personal testimony that we can all find opportunities even in times of grief and period of mourning. I personally endeavor that in addition to focusing on my brand’s mission of offering cost-friendly yes- to the bridal dress experience, we are also Committed in  creating magic and new experience from one lucky bride to another. Thank you.  

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